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2021-12-25 09:05:22 By : Mr. Wun Wei Chou

On Thursday, December 16, technical tests of the upcoming sports program RTVS Sport in HD quality appeared in the terrestrial broadcast.Broadcasting is available in both the 3rd DVB-T multiplex and the 1st DVB-T2 multiplex.In the 3rd multiplex, the station is broadcast in the MPEG-4 compression format, while in the 1st multiplex in the newer HEVC / H.265.In both cases, the broadcast will be available unencrypted (FTA), so all viewers will be able to tune in to the possibility of receiving programs via antenna.During our tests, the average video bitrate during several minutes of monitoring at RTVS Sport in the HEVC compression format, in the first DVB-T2 multiplex, reached 5 Mbps (minimum 1.9 Mbps and maximum 5.85 Mbps).In the public multiplex, where RTVS Sport is distributed in the MPEG-4 compression format, the average video bitrate was 6.40 Mbps (minimum 6.28 Mbps and maximum 10.41 Mbps).Teletext (TXT) and hybrid broadcasting (HbbTV) are also active.Currently, viewers in the RTVS Sport program position can see short trailers.It will officially start on Monday, December 20 at 5:00 p.m.You can find the station's program in the TV program section.In addition to DVB-T and DVB-T2 transmitters, RTVS Sport will also be available at selected cable, IPTV, OTT and satellite operators.We will provide a more detailed list in the next report.The public RTVS will continue to broadcast all its programs on terrestrial broadcasting.In the third DVB-T multiplex, the stations will be Unit HD (HD / MPEG-4), Two (SD / MPEG-4), Three (SD / MPEG-4) and RTVS Sport HD (HD / MPEG-4).In the 1st DVB-T2 multiplex Two HD (HD / MPEG-4) and RTVS Sports HD (HD / HEVC), as well as radio stations RTVS.In the first multiplex, RTVS Sport is in the current position of Trojka HD.The trio is currently available in terrestrial broadcasts only in SD quality (SD / MPEG-4).In the third multiplex, RTVS Šport is in a new program position, therefore it is necessary to tune in to the station.You can find the current list of broadcast stations in DVB-T / T2 or DAB + in the Transmitters section, where there is also a list of transmitters with their current position on the map.All like a cat.Unit only in HD, Two also, Three only SD, Sport in HD 2x.They already had Two data only in HD and Three also, so this is just a waste of capacityExactly, I also don't understand why RTVS SPORT HD 2x has it, just the public muxe has 1080p and TXT resolution and the 1st Hevc 1080p resolution without TELEXT and I also watch TXT, not just HBBTV and why Trojka is no longer HD, just the whole on head.TXT is already going to Hevc, but it will probably go properly only if RTVS SPORT will also go.… Many mugglers are lazy at RTVS because they can't even imagine how many dealers would be cursing if the RTVS sport HD TV station was included only in the mux in DVB-T2 with the HEVC codec….I think they would curse you, ta mustafa, you're on your head!You introduce yourself, I am pleased.The Hungarian Mtva has one Muxe dvb-t, 4 HD programs and will fit well, and 4 more radios with us 2 HD and 2 sd.That's exactly what Tom wrote it, a full-length pussy, and I wouldn't write it better either.Are you going to let Mustafa insult yourself like that?What am I supposed to write about a disturbed person, I have neither the time nor the energy to react to a person who comes here just to insult people.It is not only a waste of capacity but also moneyProof of their claims, this is the work of the CIS should have been in prison a long time ago for SRO.They could put it all in HD and SD off it's pure circus!And use Mux 1 for other channels.I hope Sport will be SKYLINK LIVE TV?Hamba hamba hamba.As a sports fan, I'm disappointed with what the unnamed Provider did (Sky..k).Disqualification of Eurosport1,2 and of course CT sport JoJ sport (only through the module) and apparently also RTVS sport parade.How about including NOVA Sport 3.4 in the offer and putting Sport2 in a lower package for Sport 1?Skylink is definitely the worst choice if a sports fan is willing to pay for a higher package.There is basically nothing valuable there, and after the elimination of thu, the sport is over.Eurosport 1 is free from the Astra 19.2 ° E satellite.And ČT Sport only to those who are within the reach of DVB-T2 transmitters from the Czech Republic.DISGRACE from the word DISGRACE.Not with M. 🙂 Even Skylavór when you use it is your choice.Or DISGRACE?RTVS is missing a language box on Two, or Three would fit.Grammar, spelling… .. 🙂Super !!!STV4sport (RTVS: sport) is on its way !!Rtvs sports are in Levice.Now Rtvs and Jojka can start arguing about sports rights.After all, Jojka is already fighting for the next year, SP until 2023 with VlhováYou are in Slovakia to cancel antenna rock RTVS you are doing what CT sport wants to cancel that I have watching TV I pay and nothing will cancel me.st lives Slovakia aj joj sport decoctionNobody canceled the Rock antenna - they decided to stop broadcasting themselves.As of today, RTVS Sport is also in Skylink.Hey, RTVS Sport is already running, but I would actually be interested in what will happen to the free channel where Sport 1 is retuned or will be replaced by another TV channel. but instead of AMC, National Geographig Tv goes freely via DVB T2 and at Christmas we watched Mtv programs on Astra 2 all month longto the dead.sk write that:JOJka wants operators not to spread ČT Sport.She sent them prompts to shut downOf course, even though there were some crap arguing and throwing each other endlessly.Eurosport bought broadcasting rights for CZ and SK, Joj bought broadcasting for SK, RTVS also bought something for SK, they share.And CT Sport bought it for CZ, I can't broadcast those things we bought!Barsjaky sud will stop it now, you don't have broadcasting rights, you can't broadcast.But the true awareness of the people in our country as in the 19th century.They would just put Jojka on the barrel, even if she wins in 5 minutes.It's been nonsense since JOJ for yearsKabelio at 13.0, E siri and the BBC so it should bother the SRF but they do not solve such things.Only NA SK thinks that turning off channels from CZ will increase their viewership.But the opposite is true.Sometimes, by analogy, it was that the cable that received e.g.TV Nova could broadcast it through the antenna.E.g.on the Straník nad Žilinou transmitter, there were 4 antennas for reception from the Czech Republic and subsequently distributed in a cable box.And even with HU TV, they don't mind.Only at CZ.Fascists will always find a reason to block.🙂Ehm.Using the word "fascists" as an insult in a matter that has nothing to do with real fascism is a bit of a relativization and alleviating the abomination of fascism.Although unintentional, be careful anyway.Who blocks to 33na nova CZ ZlinK33 Trnava - Ul.V. Clementisa - Hotel SpectrumHello people.I have a stb connected to an older TV in the children's room.I find the rtvs sport in HEVC but there is no sound.There is no problem with mpeg4.Isn't this general or is there a bug in the stbox?AB cryptobox 702thd mini.as described, HEVC should manage.I'll deliver the chamois transmitter.Camacho DVBT2 Cryptobox does not have (l) support for some audio codecs.He brought me the sound of Austrian programs at this reception, so I sold it.I don't know if the importer has already solved it and whether the same audio codec is used by RTVS Sport in hevc.Try to update the receiver software with the latest version.Allegedly, two audio tracks are broadcast, so try to select the type...the machine that manages DVB-T2 but without HEVC, so the TV station RTVS sport HD will tune them, but the picture will be only BLACK TMA with SOUND 😀 Then it is advisable to tune RTVS sport HD in DVB-T with MPEG-4…Ok thanks for the advice.I managed to update that stb via usb.I found out on the web that it added mastery of the audio track in ac03 format or something like that and the sound works.I was a little worried about this hacking act and so stb continues his life and didn't end up in electrical waste 🙂Did you miss the sound?The Austrians have DVB-T2 in H.264.Yes, they have H.264 and DVB-T2, but it has nothing to do with audio.In Austria they have audio in E-AC3.For Camacho - Try to update SET - TO - BOX, but there may be a problem with the H265 codec, but it is better to buy a new SET - TO - BOX or Telka.However, RTVS radio stations also drop out of DVB-T / T2 via FM and DAB +.More documents on Deuce and also throw out Deuce SD and put another HD program there (just not vaccination - news).In the case of Covid, RTVS reports lack the balanced coverage they have defined in the Public Media Act.RTVS worked on it when people who pay them curse at anti-vaxers.MUX3, if they flipped to DVB-T2 and fired SD Dvojka and radio, then they would fit 5 RTVS channels in the older codec 264.If you want to give it away to your intelligent people I'm hereL17: RTVS has just balanced coverage for COVID-19.Just because balance does not mean that every truth must be balanced by a lie, as many imagine.And if the word "antivaxer" offends you, then you have a high probability of not insulting yourself and stating the fact.Nothing wrong, but so much information and arguments have been made on this topic that the one who is still actively opposed to vaccination is an anti-vaxer, who is prevented by irrational reasons (fear, anger against the establishment) from logically thinking and judging information.RTVS will broadcast cuts on RTVS SPORT - Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A - source zive.sk, it's a pity they don't have 1 LM match as before.But only cuts.What about RTVS Sport in Bohemia and Moravia.Is Skylink broadcasting this station?So far I have had everything from RTVS in SD.I don't want HD, it's kind of shiny, it pulls my eyes.Hi, I need some advice.I can't tune rtvs sport to dvb-t.They will tune my Unit, Two and Three.for Janka hraška tv -RTVS sport is already going all over Slovakia.on DVB-T and on Satellite Astra-23.5.for Zera Austrian television and Austrian radio have audio-DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS.what is the music of the future in Slovakia.for L17- I have already written in this section that all states have radios on DVB-T and Satellite.Non-recurring, non-recurring comments containing insults, insults, references, policies, as well as those that violate applicable rules and laws will be deleted without giving a reason.- Are you looking for a TV show for Christmas 2021?We have prepared a special page with a Christmas TV program for you.- We have expanded our TV program with TV Šlágr, Šlágr 2 and Šlágr Premium.- DVB-T2 transmitters of Polish multiplex 5 (MUX 5) have been added to the Transmitters section.The list of MUX 1, MUX 2 and MUX 8 transmitters has also been updated.- We are testing the new Comparator section, where you will be able to easily compare the offers of satellite, IPTV and OTT operators.