Price List of Kominfo Certified Digital TV Set Top Boxes in Indonesia

2021-12-25 09:05:12 By : Ms. Katherine Sun

Price List of Kominfo Certified Digital TV Set Top Boxes in - Analog TV broadcasts in Indonesia will be gradually turned off from August to November 2022, to be completely replaced by digital TV broadcasts.Ordinary TV owners aka analog TV need not worry.This is because analog TV can be transformed into digital TV by using a Set Top Box aka STB device that supports DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting — Second Generation Terrestrial), the digital TV standard in Indonesia.On its website, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) publishes a list of STB and digital television equipment that has been certified to support digital TV broadcasting in Indonesia.Also read: Analog TV Starts Turning Off, Here's How to Switch to Digital TVFor STB, currently there are at least nine brands that have been certified and support digital TV broadcasting in Indonesia.From KompasTekno's observation, a number of certified STBs are easy to find and buy through a number of online marketplaces with varying prices.Starting from IDR 210,000 to above IDR 500,000.Here, KompasTekno summarizes the list of STB devices that have received device certification from Kominfo, complete with their price ranges on the market, Sunday (20/6/2021).Get information, inspiration and insight in your email.Register emailThe STB device functions as a signal converter from digital to analog.This is what allows owners of ordinary analog TVs to watch digital without the need to buy a new digital TV.Also read: List of Digital TVs Priced at IDR 1 Million that Can Be Purchased Right NowHere are the steps to watch digital TV broadcasts with an STB connected to a regular TV.There is a grab voucher prize worth a total of IDR 6,000,000 and 1 smartphone unit.Write your comments with the hashtag #JernihBerkomentar .Double check and complete your data.Your data will be used for account verification when you need assistance or when unusual activity is found on your account.Immediately complete your data to join the #JernihBerkomentar program.