How to Install a Set Top Box on an Analog TV at Home

2021-12-25 09:05:07 By : Mr. kalo chen

The Set Top Box (STB) device is an important part of digital TV broadcasting programs in Indonesia, which will be completed in November 2022. There are several ways to attach STB to analog television sets so that the desired broadcast can be enjoyed.STB is an additional device for watching digital TV broadcasts on analog television sets.Digital TV broadcasts are claimed to offer better picture and sound than currently available.STB can be purchased at a price of around Rp. 200 thousand in online stores.If you have already purchased it, it is recommended to read the user manual or guide that comes in the box of the STB device.This is to find out what is the best way to install those enhancementsHere are the steps to install the STB on the TV:1. Before starting you should pay attention to the panels and ports on the back of the STB.Switching to the TV set, it is also advisable to pay attention to the panel on the back of the TV.2. Attach the antenna connecting cable from the digital tv set to the tv set which is both on the back of the device.3. Connect your STB to the Television using an AV Cable (Audio Video) or using an HDMI Cable.4. After everything is connected, press the button on STB and TV.There is a remote connected to the STB device.You can operate it via the remote.5. Select the automatic channel search menu, wait a few moments until the digital radio and tv channel search process is complete.6. The results of the scan will appear on the television screen.The TV broadcast list will be displayed on the left, and the radio on the right.Kominfo announced nine lists of certified STBs.This list will continue to grow as digital broadcasts become more massive.Here's a list of STBs:- NEXMEDIA - NA1300/DVB-T2 MPEG4 HD: Rp235 thousand - POLYTRON - PDV 600T2 : Rp391 thousand - Rp570 thousand - ICHIKO - 8000HD : Rp200 thousand - Rp257 thousand - AKARI - ADS-2230 : Rp355 thousand - Rp390 thousand - AKARI - ADS -210 : Rp400 thousand - Rp580 thousand - AKARI - ADS-168 : Rp389 thousand - Rp650 thousand - VENUS - Brio : Rp215 thousand - Rp380 thousand - TANAKA - T2 : Rp220 thousand - Rp265 thousand - Matrix - Apple Rp215 thousand - Rp290 thousand